Together, we can

Work diligently
to build a vibrant and a stronger family!

Naki Sabutey Foundation is committed to investing in programs and projects geared towards enhancing the quality of life of all family members and making a meaningful impact in the Aklamador community.


Naki Sabutey Foundation is a family foundation named after the late Naki Adzo Sabutey, dedicated to investing into the enhancement of all the Sabutey family and the development of the Aklamador Village.

Naki Sabutey Foundation is built on the core values of integrity, togetherness, sense of belonging and a commitment to making the family better, greater and stronger economically, socially and healthwise. 

What We Do

We believe and promote values such as excellence, integrity, innovation, self-sufficiency, community development, socio-economic improvement and healthy living.


  1. Community development projects
  2. Supporting needy but brilliant students
  3. Supporting entrepreneurial activities and
  4. Skills training and development
  5. Social intervention initiatives
  6. Community health programs and projects

We Find & Fund

We research and initiate entrepreneurial projects with a long-term perspective to providing jobs for the Aklamador community while generating revenue for the foundation. 

We Educate

We support educational programs, training campaigns and workshops designed to enhancing the Aklamador village and the family folks. 

We Provide Care

We support where needed in various social-intervention programs geared towards improving the health and livelihood of the family. 

We Consult

We develop and initiate consulting programs to help members of the family in career building, business building, family building and much more. 

Our Upcoming Projects

We are committed towards the holistic development of the family and its members. 

Naki Sabutey Foundation is set on embarking on the project of building a database for member; men, women, kids and babies in all clans and lineage of the family. This will help in developing programs suited to enhancing the family. 

Naki Sabutey Foundation is set to officially launched the foundation and commence operations. The timeline for this will be communicated to all members. 

Our Latest News